Shanti Niketan Public School

College Road, Mandi Adampur, Hisar - Haryana [125052]

An English Medium, Co-Educational, CBSE Affiliated School, under Affiliation Number 530314

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We Provide:

  • convenient and comfortable transport for students and teachers commuting from various locations in the city and around to ensure timely and safe transport.
  • All the School Vans have Twin, High Quality CCTV Cameras installed to ensure the safety. All School Vans have Speed Governor & GPS installed so as to track the location and ensure safe transportation during the journey for your sweet kids from home to school and back.
  • The school has its own fleet of school vans to pick students from nearby villages.



We Provide:

  •      High boundary wall equipped with additional fencing all around.
  •     24 X 7 surveillance through HD CCTV IP Cameras (Nexux) available online too.
  •     Round the clock patrolling by security guards.
  •     Proper installation of fire fighting equipments.
  •     Earthquake resistant buildings.
  •     Round the clock supervision by the school staff.


College Road, Mandi Adampur, Distt. Hisar - Haryana [125052]

Contact: 9416091798, 9812774777, 9466470900

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Interactive Learning

We Provide:

  •      Adoption of technology incorporation in study.
  •      The modern way of learning "Interactive Learning" is adopted in study.
  •      Students now learn the vary details of their course materials through projector on wide screen.
  •      They interactively known the whole details about their subject matter.
  •      Besides, they also discuss many types of off topic issues, though animations. .




We Provide:

     Ample space to facilitate different sports activities that include:

  •     Football - A football ground and can be argued to be one of the best.
  •     Basketball - A basketball court, which enables the student to perform their best.
  •     Volley ball - 2 volley ball courts to confirm the standards.
  •     Throw ball - National Level players are produced by our hardworking sports educators.
  •     Table Tennis - Table tennis  lovers find a remarkable indoor table tennis facility.
  •     Karate - Martial Art to be the need of hour, well exercised in the campus.
  •     Boxing - Self defence is well introduced by the art.
  •     Athletics - All the athletics activities are available to the students.



Water Filtration

We Provide:

  •      Best Facility for Pure Drinking Water.
  •     6 Best in Class Water Purifier installed in the school premises.
  •     Certified Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) System installed to ensure the healthy drink.
  •     Water Cooler available to ensure cool cool water in the summer season.



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